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Stress - Calming the storm within with Bowen Therapy

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

The 21st Century has given us a lot to be grateful for, but the ever increasing pace of life has come at a cost - and the cost for so many has been huge. Juggling career, children, household, technology and social media, the time for fitness, preparing nutritious meals, plus maintaining a busy social life can leave little time leftover - leaving us feeling exhausted.

In my clinic I see many men, and even more women feeling the ongoing after effects of this fast paced lifestyle - STRESS! Poor sleeping, inability to switch off, irritability, digestive issues, muscular and nervous tension, palpitations and headaches. They are far from feeling good and living the happy life that they strive for.

With stress comes a cascade of physical symptoms. The body copes with acute periods of stress by released Adrenaline into our system - you know the feeling of this "Fight or Flight" response. This has served us well since pre-historic times, allowing us to run from harms way or to stand and defend what is ours. The Adrenaline fills our bloodstream - our heart races, our blood pressure raises, pupils dilate, blood is drawn away from our gut to where it is needed more - our muscles. When the emergency is over, our body recognises this and switches on it's Parasympathetic nervous system which basically stops further production of the stress hormones (Adrenaline and Cortisol) and allows the body to return to it's normal calm state.

However, in our fast pace lives, we rarely stop to smell the roses and our body isn't sure when the emergency is over. It simply doesn't know when it should switch the stress hormones off. Adrenaline and Cortisol keep coming and we stay in a chronic state of stress. Over time, these hormones begin to affect our organs which leads to a huge number of health symptoms. These include reflux, gut sensitivity and irritability, thyroid problems, high blood pressure, increased blood sugar, weight gain, anxiety, adrenal insufficiency, and hormonal symptoms due to the effect of the stress hormones on our reproductive organs. The effects of stress can be catastrophic!

How can Bowen Therapy change this cascade of events?

The answer is simple - by stimulating nerve receptors in the muscles and surrounding tissue in a unique way, Bowen Therapy has an effect on our Parasympathetic Nervous system - it has the ability to remind the body to "rest and re-set" the chronic nervous stress response.

I constantly hear my clients surprise when they have achieved such a deeply relaxed state so quickly during a session - particularly when they usually have great difficulty switching off. The feeling of lightness at the end of a session is usually accompanied by a new feeling of calmness, deep breathing, reduction in blood pressure, heart rate and muscle relaxation. Many new clients are surprised that their stomach is gurgling which happens as a direct result of the return of improved circulation to their gut (allowing a return to improved digestion) now that the body is no longer being overrun by stress hormones. Clients often report back to me a massive improvement in sleeping.

Bowen Therapy can really provide so much relief in times of stress, and having a regular session can help bring calmness and balance back in your life.

To book a session, you can contact me at Noosa Bowen Centre on 0421 471 012

Nat x

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