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Recovery from Whiplash

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Whiplash, neck pain, stiff neck, headache, bowen therapy
Bowen Therapy has so much to offer in both the early and recovery stages of a Whiplash injury

Whiplash is a fairly common injury I see after car and motorbike accidents, falls and slips. The pain and ongoing side effects may resolve quickly or can plague people for many years following the incident.

Whiplash occurs with a sudden movement of the head in one direction followed by a quick move in the other direction. The body goes into defence mode trying to protect the fragile neck and spinal cord from damage and the muscle spasm created a cascade of symptoms.

neck injury, whiplash, bowen therapy, headaches, neck stiffness
Whiplash involves a rapid movement of the neck from flexion to extension creating soft tissue injury at surrounding sites.

Soon after the injury it is important to be checked by a Medical Practitioner to rule out any serious complications such as concussion, internal bleeding or bulging discs in the neck. Once given the all clear medically, it can be a long slow period of recovery for many people following an injury of this type.

Neck pain and stiffness, headaches, heavy or aching shoulders or arms and dizziness are commonly felt in the early stages after injury, however these can become chronic issues as well mounting symptoms that are seemingly unrelated but are thought to be chronic issues rising from the incident and effect on the nervous system such as insomnia, anxiety, irritability and fatigue.

Symptoms following a whiplash injury are many and varied and left untreated can progress over many years.

Bowen therapy has so much to offer those in both the early and recovery stages of a whiplash injury. The gentleness of the technique can have a profound impact on the nervous system and the muscular skeletal system simultaneously.

Bowen helps let the body know that the emergency is over and can prompt the body to relax the tense stay that is held by muscles in the neck, shoulders, upper back and even jaw. This can have an immediate and powerful effect on the pain and restricted movement in the neck, but also helps the body release itself from the "fight and flight" mode that the incidents left it in. Following a Bowen therapy session, there is generally a calmer, more relaxed feeling, better sleep patterns and a return to the natural "rest and digest" state occurs in the body.

Bowen Therapy can have a rapid and powerful effect on the muscles and nerves involved in a whiplash injury

Followup with a Bowen Therapist over several weeks can speed up recovery meaning reduced pain and improved range of movement occurs - return of work and a normal daily routine is common for us to see. Such targeted followup can help many Whiplash injuries from becoming long term injuries that the body needs to adapt to and compensate for.

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding whiplash or neck injuries that may be an issue for you.

Nat x

Noosa Bowen Centre

Dip Bowen Therapy

MSTR Scar release practitioner

Registered Nurse

Grad Cert Midwifery

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