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Group Mat Classes

Monday 9am Beginners

Wednesday   Intermediate 5:30pm


Saturday 10am Stretch 

What do my clients get out of Pilates?

"Overall body strength"

"No more back spasms"

"Strengthening my. core and shoulder strength"

"Better movement in hips and back"

"I now have such a great awareness of how much I      hold my shoulders up to do everything!"

"I really enjoy Pilates and I feel so good after the          class. You are a great teacher"

"I'm finding my resilience and strength are a lot            better than the other ladies my age"

"Great nights sleep"

"My abs have definitely woken up and my balance       is improving too"

"Absolutely LOVE the classes. I love learning                 which exercises impact particular muscles.."

"Love the Stretch class - great for my flexibility"

"Great awareness of when my Core is actually on"

"My balance has improved - I find I'm able to                 recover before I hit the ground"

"Ab strength has definitely improved"

"Flexibility is so much better"

"Yeah! No Chiro for 9 months!"

"Total Body Transformation"


Pilates is a fun safe and gentle way to exercise.

Mat pilates classes are suitable for most people. Benefits include increased strength, flexibility, pelvic and shoulder stability, reduction in pain, improved balance and mobility and of course the core strength that Pilates is so famous for.

Mat classes are held at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Cnr Beckman's Rd and St Andrew's Dr, Tewantin. Classes can include the use of small equipment such as pilates circle, foam rollers, chi ball, resistance loops and yoga straps and are capped at 12 participants, so bookings for each class are essential to secure your spot. Mats and all equipment are supplied.


Men, women and teenagers are welcome. Basic and Intermediate to advanced levels are welcome. If you have a prior injury or illness please feel free to chat to me as private classes may be more appropriate to ensure you get the most out of your sessions.


Casual rates are $20 per class, or a 10 class pass is great value for $170.

If you are wondering if Pilates is for you, Natalie offers a 1 hour Private Assessment to customise a plan for your particular needs, and 1 hour Private sessions using a variety of small equipment including Spine Corrector, Wunda Chair, foam roller, magic circle and fascial release balls for $70 per session or $35 for a duo session with your buddy.

To secure a spot in a group mat Pilates class or arrange a Private session in Natalie's clinic Phone 0421 471012.

Natalie has a Diploma in Contemporary Pilates.