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About Natalie

Movement          is          Medicine

Meet Natalie

Enthusiastic about lifelong health and wellness, Natalie aims to help each individual work towards moving and feeling as well as possible.

With an extensive background in the health and wellness industry, Natalie has experience working with many acute and chronic conditions as a Registered Nurse, Chronic Disease Co-ordinator and Midwife. She has worked in Acute and sub-acute Cardiac care, Medical and Surgical Units, Chronic Disease Management and education, Rehabilitation, Chronic Pain, Midwifery (Birthing Units, Pre and Post Natal) and women's wellness.  She has a comprehensive understanding of medical, surgical, rehabilitative and complementary options.

Passionate about working with clients suffering from long term pain and dealing with multiple medical issues and often poor mobility, Natalie has helped many clients dramatically reduce their pain levels, increase how easily they move around and improve their quality of life.

Being a wife and mum of 3, Natalie loves working with families. As a former midwife, Natalie can confidently help you through pregnancy, with unsettled newborns, and children’s aches and pains. Natalie enjoys working with teenagers –who in today’s increasingly tech based society are becoming more uptight, angry and less connected.

Nat's particular area of passion and expertise is Women's hormonal health - particularly the transition from peri-menopause to menopause and beyond. Nat loves teaching women how to prepare and embrace this period of their lives in the healthiest way they can, in order to optimise physical strength, emotional stability, minimising stereotyped symptoms, optimise brain, breast, bone and heart health and basically to live the second half of their lives with energy and joy.

Nat began studies as a Bowen Therapist in 2013. She has a Diploma in Specialised Bowen Therapy through Bowtech. She attends regular workshops to stay up to date with new assessment techniques through respected Australian and International Trainers and has extra qualifications including Ron Phelan's Specialised Cranial/TMJ/Atlas correction techniques, MSTR Scar release, Hormonal release technique, IOS and TPD systems of Assessment and treatment from Graham Pennington, John Garfield's AMT work.

Also a Diploma qualified Pilates Instructor, she teaches both mat pilates and equipment Studio classes and loves to help clients improve their strength, flexibility, balance, pain levels drop and mobility improve.

When not in the clinic, Natalie loves spending time with her family and German Sheppard you’ll find her loving life in beautiful Noosa either Stand Up Paddling the local waterways, or enjoying the local walking trails.

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