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Saying Goodbye to Restless Legs

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Photo courtesy of How-Soon Ngu

Although relatively unheard of amongst our youth, Restless Legs Syndrome can affect up to 10% of the population, and becomes relatively common as our age increases.

Characterized by an uncomfortable change in sensation in the lower legs which leads to the frustrating and overwhelming desire to move the feet and legs, it strikes in the evenings and overnight, it is accompanied by difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, and is often accompanied by other nerve related symptoms such numbness, tingling and burning in the legs.

For sufferers of Restless Legs Syndrome the condition is frustrating to say the least and is a common complaint in many doctors clinics around the world. It is widely believed to be an incurable and symptoms are treated with pharmaceuticals. Medical treatments are aimed at relieving the symptoms on a day to day basis...ongoing...for the rest of your life! These medications include Lyrica (Neuropathic painkiller), Anti-seizure medication, Dopinergic medication (used also to treat Parkinson's disease symptoms) and Benzodiazapine - these can be hit and miss with results and commonly produce a myriad of adverse side effects, from dizziness, drowsiness, constipation and poor concentration. It is understandable that at wits end sufferers desperate for a cure turn to medication to cope with the symptoms, however those suffering are not often told about the other options out there which can help tremendously!

Enter Bowen Therapy...

Bowen Therapy as you may well know is a Australian based hands on technique which can provide relief for a huge number of physical symptoms - it works on the connective tissue of the body providing input to the nerve and muscle fibres to "reset" the nervous system. It has seen a surge in international interest in recent years with bodyworkers learning the technique in droves due to the outstanding results and rapid improvement in often very chronic symptoms.

Ron, aged 78 first came to see me in 2015 with hip and foot pain and lower leg swelling - he was frustrated that he had given up his daily beach walks that had kept him going for so long. Ron told me be that he slept poorly, struggling to get to sleep until the early hours of the morning due to the strange and restless sensations in his legs at night. His GP had diagnosed Restless Legs and prescribed Lyrica - he said he had mixed results with little change in the discomfort level but was now fatigued by day and had lost his motivation to get out and live.

By working on improving the tissue tension in Ron's hip, pelvic and leg area, and improving his congested lower body lymphatics with Bowen Therapy, we were able to reduce the strain placed on his nerve network - the results were instant. Ron reported the best night sleep in a long while that night, and his restless legs discomfort subsided. A second session 1 week later showed a fantastic reduction in lower leg swelling and his hip pain had improved dramatically, he had also noticed that his chronic calf and toe cramps were also gone. With his GP's approval he stopped the medication, his drowsiness subsided and motivation returned. I see Ron yearly for a Tune-up, and 5 years on his Restless Legs have not returned.

Photo courtesy of Ian Schneider

Stories like Ron's are common with this beautiful modality. If you or someone you know is suffering with Restless Legs Syndrome, or any other nerve pain - do yourself a massive favour and find yourself a Bowen Therapist.

Nat x

For bookings in my Noosa clinic, go to or contact me on 0421 471012.

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