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Bowen Therapy for Teenagers

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Growing up in our high tech society, teenagers today have so much more to balance than previous generations. With the increased use of devices, our teens are developing poor postures resulting in sore backs, stiff necks and headaches at a faster rate than ever before. Our teens can place pressure on themselves with academic, sporting or social expectations, leading to anxiety, nervous and muscle tension, irritability, frustration and poor sleep patterns.

A Bowen Therapy session has so much to offer our new generation of teens to help get them back to a place of calmness, relaxation and being painfree. The onflow of this means not only a calmer, happier young adult returning back to the family, but an increased ability to concentrate on study and more energy to enjoy life.

The teenagers I see in my clinic love Bowen – it is gentle and allows them time and space for their bodies to unwind and heal. Treatments are done through light clothing. The results are fast, and parents often report back that their teen is acting calmer and is happier and more relaxed than prior to treatment.

Active teens can expect a faster resolution of sporting sprains and strains (including long term injuries), swelling and bruising can reduce more rapidly. Muscle tension such as tight hamstrings, groin strain or shoulders can resolve rapidly as well as an overall improvement in performance due to increased blood flow and hydration to the muscular tissues.

On a hormonal note, Bowen has so much to offer our young women suffering from heavy, irregular or painful periods, hormonal headaches or moodiness.

Making Bowen Therapy a part of our your child’s life can significantly improve their overall feeling of wellbeing. To book a treatment call Noosa Bowen Centre on 0421 471012

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